Horse Archery

From ancient warfare to modern sport, have you ever wondered what it would feel like to gallop (or walk & trot!) on your horse – bow in one hand, arrows in the other, as you ride along loading your arrow and shooting to hit the bullseye of the target?! Well, now is the time!

Taught by qualified and experienced horseback archery instructors, you will first learn to use your bow from the ground learning to nock and shoot your arrows using special horse archery techniques. Then mount one of our specially trained horses and practise nocking on the move as you ride down the archery run unleashing your arrows upon the targets.

As you develop your skills, you will learn about different shooting styles and techniques. Our instructors can cater for varying styles teaching both thumb draw and Mediterranean finger shooting techniques.

Sessions run in our all-weather arena along a 90m run, where you can practise both raid and tower style tracks. For more experienced horse archers we also offer lessons and training on our sand track allowing for longer runs and even have the facilities for Polish tracks too.

We can also offer training for those who already compete on their own horses, or even help you train up your horse to be able to do horse archery together!

T&C’s Apply. Get in touch for more info or to book in!