Tuition and Courses


From our equestrian centre base in Warwick we offer a wide range of Experience Days, Tuition, Intensive Courses and Activity Days to suit all abilities, experience levels and group sizes. Whether you are an individual looking for focused tuition in one of the many disciplines we teach, or a private group wanting an activity day with a difference we can cater for you all!

Our Jousting Experience Days give everyone the opportunity to go to Knight School and become a real life Knight for a Day! Or train up to Tournament Level with our Jousting Lessons. Prefer a Bow to a lance? Then train in the ancient warfare turned modern sport that is Horseback Archery. Perhaps you are looking for that adrenaline rush? Then come along and try your hand at Trick Riding!If you feel inspired by the elegant ladies of Bridgerton and Downton Abbey then perhaps Side Saddle is the discipline for you?

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We now offer online booking! You can book your lessons directly online by visiting our LESSON BOOKING SITE