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17-July-2013 16:19
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It has been a busy an exciting six months here at The Knights of Middle England since our last newsletter! After battling through the seemingly never ending snow and cold, finally it warmed up enough for it to rain… And just as we were thinking it might be time to trade in the stabbing of the ‘Moor’s Heads’ for the hooking of rubber ducks the sun finally came out and summer arrived! But it takes more than a bit of adverse weather to stop all the fun that goes on here in Warwick!


We are now half way through the summer show season which is in full swing having performed at lots of exciting shows already this summer and with plenty more to come!


We have had a fantastic warm welcome from the crowds at the Countryman Fairs Game fairs which we last performed at in 2011 and are delighted to be entertaining the crowds at all 5 of their fairs again this year. The next one of which, is the Lowther Game and Country Fair at Lowther Castle in Penrith on the 10th-11th August. For other upcoming shows that we are performing at this summer check out our Events Calendar on the website!


As well as performing at Game and Country Fairs we have also been busy working with Schools providing our educational, fun and interactive Lecture Demonstrations bringing Medieval History to life! All topped of with one of our unique and spectacular Jousting Shows for pupils, teachers and parents alike.


The first weekend in June saw the prestigious and award winning Polo in the Park descend once again upon HurlinghamPark in the centre of London. The event consisted of 3 days of International polo and a fantastic display by the Knights of Middle England on Finals day - the culmination of the whole event dazzling the crowds with our fast, exciting, action-packed display before the final polo match!


However, there has been plenty of excitement at our base in Warwick as well as Sir Nic of Oakfield Becomes First Double Champion of the Amateur Jousting League!


As the sun graced Warwickshire with it’s presence on Bank Holiday Monday 6th May, The Knights of Middle England welcomed all to their base in Warwick for their Spring Amateur Jousting Tournament.


The competition was wide open and all competitors were very nervous and had been working hard in preparation for the day. They were all keen to do well and score highly to better their league positions.  After the ‘Skills at Arms’ section those with the steadiest lance and well trained eye (and a little bit of luck!), took the lead for the joust which would prove hard to win back.


However, the competition was not yet won! The twelve participants took up their shield and lance, closed the visor down and the battle for that first place began! As the most important section of the Tournament, with the most points on offer, the pressure was on to do well!

During the “Joust”, three of the Knights of Middle England instructors scored their sheets and the points were all added together to give them the winner!


Due to a fantastic joust against the resident Black Knight and such strong horsemanship skills, Nic Bevan aka “Sir Nic of Oakfield,” was, for the second time, crowned the victor of The Knights of Middle England Spring Amateur Jousting Tournament 2013. Nic is the first competitor to win the Tournament twice, his second victory being exactly one year after his first, which was at his first ever Tournament in May last year.


Second place went to Steve Fearnley from Hampshire for the second Tournament running who due to always being placed in the top three over the last few tournaments continues to hold his place at the top of the Amateur Jousting League. Third place went to Dom Clarke from Oxfordshire.


Falconry displays, ‘have-a-go’ longbow archery workshops, and tasty food and drinks were on offer throughout the day, with contributions from these helping to raise over £400 for the “Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance”. The day ended with a fantastic and very entertaining show from The Knights of Middle England Team themselves, where the winner of the Tournament had the chance of being in their show as a guest Knight!


Our next Tournament will take place on Sunday 6th October and our regular Knights-in-Training are already back out on the jousting field in preparation!


For anyone who wants to learn how to Joust and compete in our Amateur Jousting League, or if you fancy just coming and giving it a go the start of all Knights training is with one of our Unique Medieval Jousting Experience Days - whether you ride or not, you can throw down the gauntlet and become a ‘Knight’ (or Knightess!) for a day taking yourself back to a more chivalrous age… For more information about our Experience Days please visit the website or get in touch!


Current Experience Day dates for 2013:

Saturday 17th August

Saturday 28th September

Sunday 20th October


But Jousting isn’t the only mounted horseback skill we teach here at The Knights of Middle England! For those looking to trying something new and a bit different why not come on our Specialist Skills Day on Sunday 18th August!


Whether it is your first time or you have been before anyone can come and have a go! The emphasis of these workshops is to have some fun whilst getting to grips with doing something a bit different on the back of a horse! 


Trick Riding - 2½ hours


Come and take part on one of our half day Trick Riding Workshops.

Taught by our fully trained and qualified, equity registered, resident stunt man Emmanuel Lafon.


Within the safety of our enclosed arena with specially trained horses on the lunge you will learn the basics of classical vaulting techniques performing gymnastic manoeuvres on the back of a moving horse. Then progress on to the authentic Cossack trick riding saddle learning a variety of basic vaults, tricks and stands.


Horse Archery - 2½ hours


For the ‘Knights of Old’ it was not enough to be skilled in jousting and sword fighting, it was also necessary to master the art of archery on horseback!


Taught by qualified archery instructors, you will first learn to use your longbow from the ground learning to nock and blind nock and master speed loading your arrow. Then mount one of our specially trained horses and practise nocking on the move as you ride down the archery run unleashing your arrows upon the targets.


SPECIAL OFFER – Book onto both the Trick Riding and the Horse Archery sessions to receive a massive £30 off you booking


Only limited spaces are available so BOOK NOW to avoid disappointment!


We look forward to seeing you soon!


~The Knights





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