EVEN MORE Great Christmas Presents from The Knights....!!

12-December-2012 21:09
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by The Knights

 Christmas is Fast Approaching... Only 12 days to go...!


Are you still stressing over that perfect Christmas Present? Well stress no longer! Because the Knights have got the perfect solution for you! Visit the Knights of Middle England's Online Shop for a great variety of unique Christmas Presents!


**2013 A3 Photo Wall Calendars**


Filled with lots of new and different images as well as a few of your old favourites! This is a great stocking filler , it is packed with over 3...

0 bright, colourful images from wintery snow shots to action-packed shots from shows such as HOYS and the Countryman's Fairs shows. This A3 Wall calendar is the perfect addition to any office or kitchen and a great way to organise your year!
**A4 Mounted Art Prints by Noreen Mason**
The Knights of Middle England are pleased to present acclaimed, local Warwickshire based artist Noreen Mason Inspired by The Knights of Middle England these prints are from her recent collection "Distant Voices" which asks the questions - Who are these Knights and their magnificent steeds? Are they just heroes, villains and horses with great deeds to perform? And looks to answer them by venturing into the distant voices of their past.
**Jousting Experience Day Christmas Vouchers**
The Ultimate perfect Christmas present for the person who already has everything - A Unique Medieval Jousting Experience Day!
A Medieval Jousting Experience Day takes you back in time to the ‘Days of Olde’ when our valiant English knights were competing in  exciting medieval horseback sports to provide some of history’s most exhilarating and colourful entertainment  in the hopes of winning the total adoration of the crowd.

The Knights of Middle England give the thrilling antics of old England an exciting new twist for the 21st Century. With plenty of team spirit and fun filled activities even those who have never been on a horse before can take on the title of Baron von Buren or the Earl of Warwick for the day and throw down the gauntlet.
**Clothing and Merchandise**
The shop also has a wide selection of Knights of Middle England Clothing and Merchandise including Fleece Gilets and Warm Waterproof Winter Blouson Coats - Perfect for these wet, cold winter days! (and the wet, cold summer days too!)
Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Fantastic New Year...! We look forward to seeing you all for plenty of Medieval adventures in 2013!
~The Knights



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