Victor Von Doom Rides to Victory in the Autumn Amateur Jousting Tournament 2013

12-November-2013 16:54
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by The Knights


Now entering its fourth year, on Sunday 6th October, The Knights of Middle England once again opened its gates and invited all to the Autumn Amateur Jousting Tournament 2013.


Held at the Warwick International School of Riding, the base of the prestigious Knights of Middle England, their regular “Knights-in-Training” had been invited to partake in a unique opportunity; to compete in the Amateur Jousting League, putting their skills to the test!


Run biannually, eleven participants battled it out, at the seventh tournament, over a series of heats that culminated in a Jousting Finale. The “Knights in Training” are marked in an ‘X-Factor’ style on their ‘Skills at Arms.’ This consisted of three mounted skills or games – striking the dreaded man-shaped target called a Quintaine; collecting small rings onto their lance whilst riding at speed and spearing a ‘peasant’s head’ off the ground from their steed. Bonus marks were awarded for the chopping of suspended ‘targets’ from their horse with their cavalry sword. Points were then collated to decide who would take pole-position for the start of the ‘jousting heat’ against an instructor.


Head Instructor and judge Karl Ude-Martinez said of the participants: “The competition was once again wide open and all competitors were very nervous and had been working hard in preparation for the day. They were all keen to do well and score highly to better their league positions.  After the ‘Skills at Arms’ section those with the steadiest lance and well trained eye (and a little bit of luck!), took the lead for the joust which would prove hard to win back.”

However, the competition was not yet won!The eleven participants took up their shield and lance, closed down their visor and the battle for that first place began! They were each marked on accuracy, presentation of their lance and shield and also riding technique. As the most important section of the Tournament, with the most points on offer, the pressure was on to do well!


Instructor and judge Kelly Baddeley exclaimed: “It was great to see all the continued support for this event and how the league is growing from strength to strength - we have some new and exciting ideas for next year so keep your eyes peeled! The league is ideal for anyone who wants to take up a new hobby – Amateur Jousting can now be on people’s lists! It was also great to see our strong female Knights up there in the points as always giving the men a run for their money!!”


During the “Joust”, three of the Knights of Middle England instructors scored their sheets and the points were all added together to give them the winner! Holding his strong lead from the ‘Skills’ section of the Tournament with a consistent Joust Steve Fearnley a.k.a. ‘Victor Von Doom’ claimed the Winner’s Shield for the second time.  Steve first won the Tournament in May 2011 and since then has finished in the top three, 3 times. His consistent placings and win this year means he is still leading the ongoing Amateur Jousting League.


Second place went to Luke Hemming a.k.a. ‘Luke Witchborn of Buckingham’ another previous winner of the Tournament whose strong Joust held him up in the placings. Third Place was awarded to Ellie Matthews a.k.a. ‘Lady Eleanor of Ripon’ who is the first lady to be placed in the top 3 since 2011! This placing has also upped Ellie’s ranking in the League Table, putting her in 4th Place.


Kevin Hallett a.k.a. ‘Sir Kevin Earl of Essex’ although finishing just out of the trophies by only 1 point this time has further secured his strong second place ranking in the ongoing League Table and is always a strong competitor to look out for on the day!


This Tournament saw a new trophy introduced into the League which will be awarded from now on at each Tournament - The Deramore Rhythm Trophy - this was awarded as a special award to someone who the judges thought deserved special recognition for their efforts on the day. The first ever recipient of this trophy was Stacey Knapp a.k.a. ‘Lady Stacey of Nottingham’.


Falconry displays, ‘have-a-go’ longbow archery workshops, and tasty food and drinks were on offer throughout the day, with contributions from these helping to raise just under £1,000.00 for the “Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance”. The day ended with a fantastic and very entertaining show from The Knights of Middle England Team themselves, where the winner of the Tournament had the chance of being in their show as a guest Knight!


For more information on how you can learn to joust with The Knights and take part in our Amateur Jousting Tournament yourself! Or to find out more about the various packages we offer including stag and hen, corporate and schools events by clicking on the links above and find us on Facebook and Twitter!


(Picture : Tournament Winner Steve Fearnley in full costume as a guest Knight in the Jousting Show display by the Knights of Middle England Team)




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