Non-riders why not trade in the golf clubs and try something new?! Riders, are you bored of the indoor school? Why not learn to be a real 21st Century knight and join us for our semi-private lessons or bring along your social group.


Semi-private and group lessons are available for all our activities, for a 2 hour session or full day course depending on activity.


Jousting Tuition


For those who have been on one of our exciting Jousting Experience Days and have caught the jousting bug or those who prefer more focused tuition, we offer regular 2 hour semi-private training sessions which focus solely on jousting training.


The sessions work on riding for jousting, riding with lance, shield and helm and becoming proficient in all mounted skills with all three pieces of equipment, eventually working up to a mini contact joust with an instructor after a series of lessons.


**PLEASE NOTE - these sessions are only currently avaialble on weekdays and are only suitable for riders aleady competant riding at a canter - please get in touch to check if these sessions would be suitable for you if you are not sure.**


For those who wish to compete in one of our Amateur Jousting Tournaments and join the Amateur Jousting League must work their way through our structured levels to compete:


  • Level 2: focuses on the mounted skills and learning to ride with shield, lance and helm. Work towards becoming proficient in the mounted skills whilst using all three pieces of equipment.
  • Level 3: further develop the skills learnt at level 2 and joust against an instructor learning how to both strike and receive hits upon the shield.
  • Half Tilt Level: competition level. Work on perfecting the skills you have learnt as we prepare you for the tournament field!


Our Amateur Jousting tournaments are an ideal way for all trainee knights to put their skills to the test in a challenging and competitive environment! For more information please see our Amateur Jousting Tournaments and League  page.


Trick Riding


The Knights of Middle England offer trick riding tuition with our fully trained and qualified equity stunt riders. Lessons take place in 1-2 hour sessions as private sessions or in small groups (max. 6 people).


Within the safety of our enclosed arena using our vaulting barrel and with specially trained horses on the lunge you will learn the basics of classical vaulting techniques performing gymnastic manoeuvres on the back of a moving horse. Then progress onto the authentic Cossack trick riding saddle learning a variety of vaults, tricks and stands.


Lessons can be booked on an individual basis to join in with others on one of our monthly Trick Riding workshops. Or why not book in with some friends for a completely difference fun group experience? Add on a half-day horse archery experience for the ultimate alternative day out with friends!


Horse Archery


For the knights of old it was not enough to be skilled in jousting and sword fighting, it was also necessary to master the art of archery on horseback and so The Knights of Middle England also offer Horse Archery tuition.


Taught by qualified archery instructors and available in both group and private sessions, you will first learn to use your bow from the ground learning to nock and shoot your arrows using the special thumb draw technique. Then mount one of our specially trained horses and practise nocking on the move as you ride down the archery run unleashing your arrows upon the targets.


For the Ultimate Mounted Skills Experience combine both Trick Riding and Horse Archery together and book onto one of our Specialist Skills Days run on selected weekday and weekend dates throughout the year!


For more information please do Contact Us.




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