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Medieval Jousting Incentive Days have been run for the last eight years and more than 4,500 people have now become "initiated" knights. Spending a day with The Knights of Middle England has been, for many, one of the most memorable days of their life!


Jousting training is at the forefront of this Medieval Experience Day, where corporate teams will get a taste of what it is like to dress in medieval costume and armour, take up a lance and battle it out in a competitive Jousting Tournament. They will be shown some of the great skills and tricks of the mounted knights, given weapons training, then mount their trusted steeds to participate in jousting workshops using their very own lance! There will also be the opportunity to partake in sword fighting, archery and falconry workshops.


As well as a thrilling and exciting event, the nature of the day allows for a range of benefits that can be transferred into the working environment such as personal boundary extension, confidence building, corporate entertainment and reward and recognition.

For corporates the jousting arena brings a new dimension to the workplace where team skills are challenged and competitiveness is encouraged.

Each group member will be given their own Coat of Arms and a title for the day and be taken back to the ‘Days of Olde’, completely submerging themselves into the codes of honour and chivalry of the medieval environment.


The climax of the day is the “Grand Gauntlet Challenge". Each participating knight, riding to win points for their team will be marked on their performance of the skills learnt - striking the feared "Quintaine", (man shaped spinning target), picking up targets (peasants heads) from the ground, and gold rings from the tilt onto the end of their lance cumulating with an attempt to knock the evil and mischievous Black Knight from his horse and much more! Each point earned will be added to the team's overall score.


Who will be crowned Sir Lancelot?
Which gallant team of knights will be taking the Golden Horseshoe prize back to the city as the victors and The Knights of the Realm?

If some of the group can ride - great! but we take a lot of people that have not ridden at all (not even a donkey!) and they enjoy the day just as much - jousting and the mounted games requires a different type of equestrian skill and all our trained horses and instructors can accommodate any standard of horsemanship!! It is a physical day so a reasonable level of fitness is required.


Alternatively why not have The Knights provide entertainment at your Corporate Event? See our Event Entertainment page




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