Amateur Jousting Tournaments
and League

The Knights of Middle England are bringing the sport of Jousting alive once more! Learn to joust with the

Knights and work your way through our structured levels to attain the ‘Half Tilt’ grade and compete in our

Amateur Jousting Tournaments!


A bi-annual event with tournaments held in both May and October every year, the tournament allows you to

put your skills to the test and compete against your fellow knights-in-training and join the Knights of Middle

England’s Amateur Jousting League.


A great day out for family and friends, showcase your jousting skills by first competing in the mounted skills

that you have learnt in your private lessons and then take on an instructor in a full contact joust for points.

Scored by our judging panel, competitors are marked on their horsemanship, lance and shield presentation,

accuracy of hits and their ability in the skills.


As the competition draws to a close the celebrations (or commiserations!) can begin with  fellow competitors,

family and friends as the Knights of Middle England perform one of their spectacular Jousting Shows. The

winner of the tournament will don their colours and take up their rightfully earned place as one of the

competing knights in the show!


The results from each tournament are added on to our ongoing Amateur Jousting League, the only one of its

kind in the UK! To see the current League Table click here.


To find out more about how to work up to competing in our Amateur Jousting Tournaments please see our

Jousting School  page.


All of our tournaments are open to the general public and are a great family day out with pony rides,

have-a-go archery and sword fighting workshops running alongside the jousting competition as well as a

huge hog roast and spectacular Jousting Show by the Knights of Middle England.


Results from the Autumn 2014 Tournament


Participant                                                   Skills                  Jousting          Total              Rank


Sir Dominic 'DarkOmen' Clarke                 145                       87                    232                   1

Sir Kevin Earl of Essex                                  129                       99                    228                   2

Lord Martin of Weston                                   133                       94                    227                   3


Sir Mac The Knight                                        125                       100                  225                   4

Victor Von Doom                                           125                        94                   219                   5

Sir Chris of Jadteu                                         121                        90                   211                   6


Serena Warrior Princess                               130                        78                    208                   7

Sir Mark of Kniver                                          115                        88                    203                   8

Lady Judith of the Wests                               112                        79                    191                   9

Lady Godsave of Welwyn                              113                        70                    183                  10




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