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Every event, conference or party is a unique and important occasion. The Knights of Middle England and KOME Entertainment offer a range of entertainment services to make your event a memorable one. All our packages are tailor made to suit your every requirement and make it one that your guests will never forget.


St George


St George is available for most events such as openings, festivals and themed corporate packages. He will arrive on his beautiful white horse, both in full armour, striking red and white costume with matching banner and will happily carry out any requests you specify such as; meet and greet; mingling with guests; salutes and photo opportunities.


Medieval Jousting Shows


The ultimate event entertainment experience! A high octane, visual, fun-filled and action packed show with fast horses and heroic knights performing stunts and hard hitting contact jousting. All professionally compèred with a soundtrack that will quite simply rock your guests! For more information read about our Medieval Jousting Shows here.   


Guard of Honour/Parade

A popular choice; 2-4 knights and horses in full armour and bright, colourful costumes with matching banners to meet and greet your guests on arrival. The knights can be on hand to mingle and entertain the guests.


Mounted Escort


A visually stunning way to enter your event; be mounted on a beautiful charger and led by your own squire. Combine with a Guard of Honour and be escorted by several gallant knights and horses in full regalia for an event entrance that will wow your guests and leave them speechless! Women can ride side saddle and the men astride!


Sword Fighting Knights


A great part of your package - have 2 knights in character professionally sword fighting right in front of your guests. As the gallant knights mingle whilst meeting, greeting and entertaining, from no where a challenge is issued and a fight breaks out!

A highly entertaining and very well choreographed routine including stunt falls, clashing of swords, flaming weapons and battering of shields.




This is perfect to entertain your guests, young or old, at anytime of the day. Targets are put up and guests are encouraged to unleash an array of arrows - the trained archers/instructors are in period dress and will guide children or adults to hit the gold!


Minstrel Band


A 3 Piece Wandering Minstrel Band in full costume interact with your guests as they sing, play instruments, and teach dance routines - a true medieval upbeat and highly entertaining historical musical display that will have even the most unwilling dancer up on their feet!
All packages will vary in cost depending on the range and number of activities chosen and all packages will be tailored to the client’s individual needs.


For more information or to discuss your event, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


Alternatively, why not hold your corporate event or party at The Knights of Middle England’s base in Warwick and take your guests back to the ‘Days of Olde’ and experience the ultimate Medieval Jousting Experience with our interactive activity days. For more information on the packages we offer Click Here .




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